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Alfa Chemistry is a leading supplier and service provider of fiber materials. Over the years, we have been committed to providing innovative, high-quality and green fiber products, continuing to expand our capabilities in areas such as lightweight materials and high-performance fiber materials. Our product range covers a wide range from natural fibers to man-made fibers.

Natural Fiber

Natural fibers are textile fibers that are original in nature or directly obtained from artificially cultivated plants and animals, which are important sources of material for the textile industry. At Alfa Chemistry, our natural fiber product line includes plant fibers, animal fibers, chitin and chitosan fibers, etc.

Man-Made Fiber

The types of man-made fibers are becoming more and more abundant with the development of modern technology. Alfa Chemistry is committed to providing comprehensive and innovative man-made fibers. We are proud to provide satisfactory man-made fiber products, including but not limited to regenerated fibers, synthetic fibers, functional fibers and fiber intermediates.

Fiber Finishing Agent

Fiber finishing agents can change the surface properties of fibers, thereby giving them special functions. Alfa Chemistry offers a range of fiber finishes to meet your fiber specific functional needs. Our finishing agent product line covers softener, water and oil repellent finishing agent, anti-ultraviolet finishing agent, antistatic finishing agent and so on.

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In addition to our large inventory, Alfa Chemistry's chemists are actively developing and expanding our innovative fiber solutions. Welcome to contact us for the best product or service.

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