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Custom Multicomponent Fiber

Multicomponent fibers are composed of two or more different fiber-forming polymers or the same fiber-forming polymers with different properties. Since the components contained in the fibers complement each other, the properties of the composite fibers may show surprising superiority. Alfa Chemistry provides development and customization services for multicomponent fibers. Our fiber development department has a strong technical base and a team of well-trained and experienced experts.

Optional Service Items

Multicomponent fibers show potential in a variety of cutting-edge application research with their unique functionalities, such as catalysis, water purification, controlled drug release, and sensors, etc. Combining rich experience in R&D and production, and advanced technical expertise, Alfa Chemistry is committed to providing customers with satisfactory customized development services for multi-component fibers, as well as accurate and detailed analytical test results. Our services are listed as following:

Custom Multicomponent Fiber

  • Optional Component
    Dozens of polymers (such as PA6, PET and PP) and their formulations, as well as various functional additives are available. We evaluate and study the feasibility of compounding the different components according to your needs. For example, we can build theoretical mathematical models and perform numerical simulation analysis to evaluate project feasibility, based on comprehensive factors such as high polymer rheology governing equations and composite fiber forming boundary conditions.
  • Custom Multicomponent Functional Fiber
    We can provide you with customized multi-component functional fibers to suit different applications, such as multi-component photocatalytic fibers, multi-component conductive fibers. A typical case is that multi-component photocatalytic fibers can be used in the field of water purification by degrading organic pollutants by means of solar energy.

Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

Concept Plan: We believe innovation and great design have the power to change the world. We are committed to transforming our client's ideas into target products, including technical feasibility, regulatory and intellectual property considerations.

Feasibility Study: We assist you in evaluating whether a scalable, reproducible process can be created through conceptual or laboratory-scale studies.

Analysis Capabilities: We have systematic and comprehensive fiber analysis capabilities, from physical properties, chemical composition analysis, to special functional analysis (such as antibacterial, flame retardant).

Cooperate With Us

We are confident that, by working with us, you will be satisfied with our expertise in the design and characterization of multicomponent fibers. We pride ourselves on our strengths in:

  • Experienced testing and research team
  • Meet customer needs at all stages
  • Efficient and cost-effective services
  • Complete and advanced infrastructure


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