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Fiber Analysis

As a high-quality supplier and service provider of fiber materials, Alfa Chemistry is committed to providing customers with the most professional and comprehensive analytical testing services. Our fiber analysis services range from fiber composition analysis, physical and mechanical properties analysis, to various special functional analysis. We are proud to provide you with satisfactory solutions for fiber analysis. Our fiber analysis laboratory has a strong technical infrastructure and a team of well-trained and experienced experts.

Optional Service Items

Our team combines extensive analytical experience, advanced technology and interdisciplinary expertise to provide customers with comprehensive, systematic fiber analysis and testing services, as well as detailed analytical results and reports. Our optional services include but are not limited to the following:

Fiber Composition Analysis

The range of services includes fiber composition identification, qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Fiber Physical Properties Analysis

The scope of service includes general physical properties of fibers, such as length, fineness, morphology, density, etc.

Optical Parameter Analysis

Fiber Mechanical Properties Analysis

The scope of services includes fiber tensile properties, abrasion resistance, elastic recovery, fatigue resistance, etc.

Fiber Orientation Analysis

The scope of services includes orientation distribution of fibers, local orientation visualization, orientation tensors, etc.

Fiber Nanostructure Analysis

The scope of services includes the determination of fiber crystallinity, nanometer size, nano-topography, etc.

Determination of Fibrillation Degree

The scope of services includes the determination of fibrillation, the evaluation of fibrillation index, etc.

Thermal Resistance and Thermal Stability Analysis

Evaluate the changes in chemical, physical and mechanical properties of fibers at high temperature conditions or before and after heat treatment.

Fiber Flame Retardant Analysis

The scope of services includes fiber flammability, limiting oxygen index, thermal decomposition temperature, combustion heat, smoke generation, and combustion gas toxicity analysis.

Fiber Antibacterial Activity of Analysis

We offer qualitative and quantitative assays for antimicrobial activity, as well as a variety of optional test strains.

Fiber Biocompatibility Analysis

The scope of services includes cytotoxicity analysis, sensitization testing, skin irritation analysis, mucosal irritation analysis, etc.

Fiber Biodegradability Analysis

The scope of services includes biodegradation performance evaluation, ecotoxicological safety evaluation and biochemical methane potential (BMP) testing, etc.

Microfiber Detection and Analysis

The scope of services includes microfiber shedding assessment, microfiber composition analysis, microfiber safety assessment, microfiber impact assessment on the environment, etc.

Fiber Optical Properties Analysis

The scope of services includes optical parameter analysis and structural parameter analysis of optical fibers.

Sound Absorption Performance Analysis

The scope of services includes sound absorption performance characterization (sound absorption coefficient, reflection coefficient, etc.) and sound absorption modeling prediction (empirical model and microstructure model).

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