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Fiber Processing Service

For the nascent fibers formed by chemical fiber spinning, a series of post-processing processes are necessary. Alfa Chemistry provides comprehensive processing and post-processing services to refine the structure and properties of the final finished fiber. Our fiber processing department has a strong technical base and a team of well-trained and experienced experts.

Optional Service Items

Optional Service Items

According to the different chemical fiber varieties and spinning processes, the processing and post-processing procedures are also different. Alfa Chemistry has extensive experience in the processing and post-processing of a wide variety of fibers, and we design custom fiber processing solutions for you to achieve your business goals. Our fiber processing and post-processing capabilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Custom Fiber Cutting
    We can cut fibers to specified lengths according to customer needs and achieve consistent high-quality results. Our services are available for all types of fibers, including some specialty multifilament fibers such as aramid fibers, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fibers, liquid crystal polymer (LCP) fibers, ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) fibers, and more.
  • Custom Fiber Finishing
    We offer a variety of specialty fiber finishes that can be used during extrusion or cutting to enhance fiber performance in a specific process or application. Fiber finishing agents can change the surface properties of fibers, thereby giving them special functions.
  • Custom Post-Processing
    Fiber length, thickness, whiteness, gloss and other properties can be adjusted during the production process. Our post-processing capabilities include washing, stretching, bleaching, oiling, heat relaxation, heat setting, crimping, length cutting and twisting. With extensive processing and production experience, our team of experts will recommend the most suitable post-processing service options for you.

Fiber Coloring Service

  • Fiber Coloring Service
    We provide coloring services for manmade fibers, which are made by incorporating appropriate dyes or pigments during the fiber production process. Our coloring services include dyeing before spinning and conventional coloring. Depending on the spinning method, we can use different coloring techniques, such as bulk coloring, matrix coloring and chip coloring for melt spinning, and dope and gel coloring for solution spinning.
  • Fiber Modification Service
    Guided by the final target properties, we can provide our customers with a variety of fiber modification services, from physical to chemical modification. Combined with rich experience in fiber modification, our team makes full use of or develops suitable processing and modification methods, and then designs and prepares fiber modification solutions.

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