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Custom Biomass Fiber

Biomass fiber refers to natural animal and plant fibers, regenerated fibers and synthetic fibers obtained from renewable biomass resources. With the public's attention and emphasis on environmental issues, the development of biomass fibers has proven to be an important solution for sustainable fiber materials. Alfa Chemistry provides biomass fiber customization services to meet customers' sustainable development concepts. Our fiber development department has a strong technical infrastructure and a team of well-trained and experienced experts.

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Microfiber Detection Analysis

Combining rich experience in R&D and production, advanced technology and interdisciplinary professional background, Alfa Chemistry is committed to providing customers with satisfactory biomass fiber customization and development services. Biomass fibers can be basically divided into three categories: biomass virgin fibers, biomass regenerated fibers, and biomass synthetic fibers. We have customization capabilities for these different types of biomass fibers. Our customization and development capabilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Custom Biomass Virgin Fiber
  • Custom Biomass Regenerated Fiber
    Using natural animals and plants as raw materials, it is dissolved and modified by physical or chemical methods to make a spinning solution, and then prepared by an appropriate spinning process. Common customization requirements include chitin fiber, chitosan fiber, milk protein fiber, seaweed fiber, etc.
  • Custom Biomass Synthetic Fiber

Custom Biomass Synthetic Fiber

Using natural plants as raw materials, high-purity bio-based monomers are first made by chemical methods such as microbial fermentation and genetic engineering. These monomers are polymerized to obtain high molecular weight polymers, which are then processed and prepared by appropriate spinning processes. Common customized types include polylactic acid (PLA) fiber, polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) fiber, bio-based PTT polyester fiber, bio-based PDT fiber, bio-based PET fiber, bio-based polyamide fiber, etc.

  • Custom Biomass Nanofiber
    Customized synthesis of biomass nanofibers using biomass such as cellulose, chitin and chitosan as raw materials. Typically, the dimensions are on average about 10-20 nm wide and a few μm long. The developed products have low linear thermal expansion, effect elasticity, transparency, biocompatibility, antibacterial properties, improved physiology, high strength, high aspect ratio, high specific surface area, high viscosity, high shape retention, and high hydrophilicity.
  • Customized Product Related Test Reports
    In addition to customized products, we will also provide you with the corresponding quality inspection report of the product, if you have any requirements.

Key Technology

  • Melt spinning technology
  • Electrospinning technology
  • High pressure water jet technology
  • Dry and wet spinning process
  • Biosynthetic technology
  • Microbial fermentation technology
  • Using non-toxic, safe and recyclable solvents such as ionic liquid and low-temperature alkali/urea solution.

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