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Plant Fiber Material

Plant fibers widely exist in plant stems, roots, fruits, and husks. Alfa Chemistry provides customers with a series of plant fiber materials, including but not limited to cotton fiber, jute fiber, flax fiber, sisal fiber and bamboo fiber.


Plant Fiber Material

Plant fiber is a low-cost, light-weight, harmless, environmentally friendly and renewable material. Due to their low carbon footprint and environmental benefits, plant fiber-based products have received widespread attention as having a lower carbon footprint and being more sustainable.

Among these fibers, cotton is considered to be the most popular fiber used in the apparel industry due to their comfort properties. Other fibers such as sisal, jute, flax and coir are mainly used in various technical applications. Compared with synthetic fibers, although plant fibers have much lower mechanical properties, they have a much lower density and thus are of great interest in applications requiring light weighting, such as reinforcements for cementitious composites.


  • Plant fiber is an efficient use of renewable resources.
  • Plant fiber is an alternative environmental protection material for some plastic products.
  • Plant fiber is biodegradable and is an environmentally friendly material.


The physical and mechanical properties of several different plant fibers are listed below for reference.

FibersDensity (g/cm3)Tensile Strength (MPa)Elastic Modulus (GPa)Elongation (%)
Cotton Fiber1.5-1.6287-8005.5-12.67-8
Jute Fiber1.3-1.45393-77313-26.57-8
Flax Fiber1.5345-110027.62.7-3.2
Hemp Fiber1.4851424.81.6
Sisal Fiber1.45468-6409.4-223-7
Coir Fiber1.15131-1754-615-40
Ramie Fiber1.51400-93861.4-1281.2-3.8

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