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Custom Elastomer Fiber

Elastomeric fibers refer to synthetic fibers with high elongation at break (above 400%), low modulus and high elastic recovery. If you do not find a satisfactory product in our inventory, Alfa Chemistry is happy to provide you with customized elastomer fiber customization services. Our fiber development department has a strong technical base and a team of well-trained and experienced experts.

Optional Service Items

Combining rich experience in R&D and production, advanced technology and interdisciplinary professional background, Alfa Chemistry is committed to providing customers with satisfactory customized development services for elastomer fibers, as well as accurate and detailed testing and analysis reports. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Common Elastomer Fiber Customization

Custom Elastomer Fiber

Polyurethane fibers prepared from multi-block polyurethanes are the most common elastomer fibers, thanks to their alternating structures of long, flexible segments (soft segments) and short, rigid segments (hard segments). We can customize fiber parameters such as fiber fineness, length, elongation, elastic modulus and elastic recovery rate according to your needs. Spinning techniques can be general dry spinning, wet spinning or melt spinning, and sometimes reaction spinning can also be used. Other optional elastomers include thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), polysulfides, and elastomeric olefins.

Custom Liquid Crystal Elastomer Fiber

  • Custom Liquid Crystal Elastomer Fiber
    Liquid crystal elastomers (LCEs) are deformable elastic solids with order, birefringence, and stimuli responsiveness. With our spinning technologies, such as electrospinning, liquid crystal elastomer fibers can be customized for you. In addition, customized services for nematic liquid crystal elastomer fibers are also available, which combine the elastic characteristics of rubber elastomers with liquid crystal anisotropy characteristics. Studies have shown that electrospun LCE microfiber actuators can be used to construct micro-tweezers, microrobots, etc. [2,3]
  • Custom Dielectric Elastomer Fiber
    Dielectric elastomers are special electroactive polymers capable of changing their shape under electrical stimulation. Fiber materials prepared from dielectric elastomers have shown great appeal in the field of smart materials, such as dielectric elastomer actuators (DEAs). [1] Currently, available dielectric elastomers include silicone rubber, acrylate elastomers, polyurethane elastomers, nitrile rubber, vinylidene fluorinated trifluoroethylene and their corresponding composites.

Working principle of dielectric elastomer fiber actuators.Working principle of dielectric elastomer fiber actuators.

Our Abilities

  • Alfa Chemistry has the ability to synthesize spinning polymers, such as block polyurethane, elastic olefin, etc. Polymers are also customizable if you have special needs for polymer substrates.
  • Alfa Chemistry has a variety of fiber spinning technologies including but not limited to melt spinning, solution spinning and electrospinning.
  • Alfa Chemistry has comprehensive fiber characterization capabilities to verify and assure the quality of our custom products.

Cooperate With Us

We are confident that, by working with us, you will be satisfied with our expertise in the production and characterization of elastomer fibers. We pride ourselves on our strengths in:

  • Experienced testing and research team
  • Meet customer needs at all stages
  • Efficient and cost-effective services
  • Complete and advanced infrastructure


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